Neonatal death syndrome /Sudden Infant Deaths (SID's)

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Neonatal death syndrome /Sudden Infant Deaths (SID's)

Post  mcculloch77 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:30 am

A bit about Neonatal death syndrome /Sudden Infant Deaths (SID's).

The term stillbirth refers to death at, or before birth, of any baby who is more than twenty-four weeks*. Data collected in 1999 for England and Wales by the Office For National Statistics found that there were 279 Sudden Infant Deaths (SID**), a decrease of 2% on the previous year. However, the SID rate remained the same as in 1998 at 0.45 per 1,000 live births.

During the period 1995-1999, SID was more prevalent amongst boys than girls. During that time, 60% of all SIDs occurred amongst boys, whilst boys accounted for 51% of all live births. 88% of all SIDs occurred in the postnatal period (i.e. death at 28 days and over).

There were 31% more SID in the three months of January to March than in July to September.

SID rate was highest where children were born to mothers aged under 20 at time of birth.

SID rate was highest amongst babies born into a marriage with a father of social class V, compared to babies of fathers in other social classes.

SID rate was higher for babies weighing 1.500-1.999 grams, which then decreased with increasing birthweight.

SID rate was lowest for babies born within marriage.

The SID rate for babies born within a marriage where it was the mother's first birth was 64% lower than the overall SID rate.


Neonatal Death - the statistics

Neonatal death is the term for babies that die within four weeks of birth. In fact, most neonatal deaths happen within one week of the birth - in the UK this represents about 1 in 100 births.

Why did it happen?
There is usually no single reason for stillbirth or neonatal death, but perhaps several factors are involved. The most common reasons are low birth-weight and congenital abnormalities. Sometimes the placenta fails towards the end of the pregnancy, or even during labour and sometimes the stress of birth is too great for the baby. Rarely, something goes tragically wrong during labour, resulting in the death of the baby. After the death of a baby, it is quite natural for parents to ask whether they "did anything wrong", whether they could have done something differently/better etc. However, the reality is that it is extremely unlikely that anything you did or didn't do would have avoided this outcome. Nonetheless, it is important to discuss all possibilities with your doctor and midwife.

Post mortem and autopsy
It is worth realising that you will most likely need to give your consent for an autopsy or post mortem to be carried out on your baby as well as possibly a chromosome analysis. Although extremely upsetting, the information gleaned from this could be extremely useful, particularly when contemplating subsequent pregnancies. An autopsy might also help to answer some of your questions concerning your baby's death. Copyed from

Khristian ruaidhri Mccullosh story
I was 24 week's gone i went to the hospital for a scan i found out i was having a little boy me and my partner were so happy we went to the shop afterward's a bought our first shirt and denim's for our little boy but the next day i was gettin weird cramp like feeling in my stomoch and i went to the hospital they done a scan and said everything looked fine and my wee boy looked happy enough movin round the screan they told me it would just b brackston hick's and that it would b fine so i went home happy with what they said afterall they are the expert's but the cramp and pain were still there that night i couldn't get to sleep i was so agitated and the pain was still there but the next day when i went to the toilet i could actualy feel somthing down below that was not part of me iwent back to the hospital for the second day running and told her about this she done a scan again and told me the same everything was fine i could'nt even sleep due to the discomfort so back home i went with the pain again the next day was my birthday 9 march still the pain was worsening i couldn't handle it any more so at 5 o'clock that night back to the hospital again me and my partner went they knew it was still the same thing that was wrong so i was checked over by 3 diffrent midwife's that said the same thing brackston hick's they were monitering my baby's heart beat and scaning my baby he looked fine so i was happy after all they know what they are doing then they called in a doctor who came in i told him every thing and he touched my back and said dose it hurt there i said yes he told me i had a urine infection and that i need to go to hospital 90 mile's away so they phoned an ambulace i was still waiting a hour and a half later i remember i was sitting with my dad in the room and my partner had went to get us some clothe's then i went to the toilet and my water's broke i knew what this ment i was so scared and shouted my dad to get the midwife's they scaned the baby again he was ok but 20 min's later he was stressed i was in labour and so scared for my baby my partner was there with me now then at 8.20 pm 9 march 2006 my son was born they were trying to keep him warm and helping him to breath nothing was said then 15 min's later they handed me my son with nothing said i knew he was dead i felt so sick he was so cute and we all just cuddeld into each other heart broken we had to stay in that night we sat with our little angel all night just lookin at him and holding and cuddeling him it had not sank in we were just in orr with him the preist came to bless him. Next day was time to say good Bye bye it was so hard and emotinal so that felling of some thing that didnt not belong to me was actually my son he was breach his bum i was felling i was so upset and angry that no one had noticed i felt let down if i had got to the other hospital 90 mile's away the story could have been diffrent they had all the eqipment i am never goin to know he never had the chance for the first year afterward's it was all a daze every day i was not on the land of the living or so to speak i felt i had nothing to live for so i rushed to get pregnant 2 month's after and when i did i felt so paniky all day every day through my hole pregnancy waiting for 24 week's to pass was the same thing going to happen again a boy again when i felt him first kick i was in tear's i never felt a big kick befor just flutter's then my son cody was born he keep's me on my toe's and is full os misschief i know khristian live's on in his brother x i love my boy's both the same but till the day we meet again i know my khristian is safe and having load's of fun and watches down on us all i love you babe x heart4u

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Re: Neonatal death syndrome /Sudden Infant Deaths (SID's)

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Thank you for sharing

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